Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anesthetic Adventure

A few days ago, I got my wisdom teeth out. It was quite an adventure for me seeing as I had never had any kind of surgery before. I was terrified of the IV and the anesthetic. I was afraid that either they wouldn't be able to find the vain in my hand to put me to sleep or that I wouldn't be able to wake up afterword. I know...neither of these are very realistic fears, but I can't be blamed.

I think I was talking to the doctor. All I remember is this wonderful cold feeling in my hand and then......my lip was fat, and I thought it was tomorrow. I woke up an hour later never even knowing that I'd been asleep. My lip was really funny, I got several solid minutes of enjoyment out of poking at my feelingless lip. Who needs toys  - numb lips are the new cardboard boxes. As I was a little loopy, I was wheel-chaired out to my car. I must say, this was a rather disappointing experience. After the 16 years I've spent thinking how much fun it would be if somebody would push me around in a stroller all day, the chair-ride was rather anticlimactic.

I got home, and promptly slapped my poor dear sister across the face for trying to hug me...I guess post-surgery is the only time I can get away with things like that, at least I made the most of it! I slept the whole day, then, and ate yogurt. The next day, I went to drama rehearsal, and the day after that I went to church. Until Sunday afternoon, everything was fine. Then, however, I was socked in the face by a very frustrated and obnoxious small brother. A huge bubble-thing promptly formed in my mouth and I had to make an emergency trip to the dentist. The lovely bubble has produced much pain, and I can feel it even after all the pain drugs they gave me.

Whining about my sibling's stupidity, however, is not the purpose of this post. The purpose of this post is to say that, as long as you avoid extenuating circumstances (like getting bopped in the face), this whole Wisdom teeth ordeal is not half as bad as they make it out to be. Milk it while you can and eat a bunch of junk food :)

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