Sunday, March 11, 2012

For Want of a Better Title.....The Beginning

This a blog about being green in a world of a many colors. It's about a normal person who lives a normal life. These are just the stories I have to tell - nothing more, nothing less. Some days I'll be happy, some days I'll be serious, and (I'll admit it now) some days I'll probably be a little whinny.....

Today, I'll probably be whinny...You see, it was a rarely gorgeous today. The middle of March is a sketchy time of year around here. One day it'll be 65 and sunny and the next day will bring a foot of snow. Today was one of those precious sunny days. I had a rather delightful morning including church, donuts, and swings, however, an unsavory surprise awaited me when I went up stairs to "get ahead" in homework...

Shockingly (or, perhaps, not so shockingly), I discovered 26 secret online Spanish worksheets, due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and a practice exam for my "elementary" linear algebra class (which so far has proved anything but elementary). This delightful "practice exam" had better be a guide of what not to study because I've dutifully attended and taken notes at every signal lecture (except one, for which I promptly obtained notes) and I've never heard of 80% of that stuff. Let your imagination tell you how I've spent my last 6 hours, and it wasn't out frolicking in the sun.

This brings me to a question that I have been pondering for a while now. Do professors actually want you to pass their classes? I suspect not. But seriously, what is it with all this secret homework? I like getting good grades, and I'll do all my homework cheerfully (or at least resignedly) if I just know that I actually have it. I study as if my life depends on it, but how am I supposed to do well if my profs continue to just not mention the majority of the class material and then deem it appropriate to test me on that phantom info?   Oh the woes of a college student...oh, and for the record, I prefer it when my teachers speak English.  

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